Spice!Len x Spice!Reader

Spice!Len x Spice!Reader

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Edgelord 420 By Kuulna Updated Oct 29

(Y/n) (L/n), a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile that can literally make any guy melt right where they are. 
She isn't so innocent as she seems though. She enjoys breaking hearts just to see their amusing reactions. 

Now, what would happen if she fell in love with someone just as bad as herself? And that someone happened to be Len Kagamine!? 

Absolute chaos.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or fanart (except Shu and his friends)

Piko senpai wait...I have many senpai's idk who too choose ughh (>//<)
Me: *Reading The Title* Looks like this story is gonna be-
                              Sans: SPICY.
                              Papyrus: OH MY GOD SANS.
                              Me: GET OUT.
Sounds so much like me. Minus the player part. I sometimes laugh randomly and then randomly stop
TokyoSoulOF TokyoSoulOF Jul 24
Bruhhhbbruhhh Shu the Shoe is too lazy like shoe sleeping in a couch...  And he doesn't care. -.
epic_nyan- epic_nyan- Jul 31
Who is this Shu?
                              Shu Sakamaki?
                              How can he
                              There's a miracle?
ChoiKuenLim ChoiKuenLim Mar 13
..........the first three letters of my name is shu hap me!!!