The Alpha's Hybrid Mate (not edited)

The Alpha's Hybrid Mate (not edited)

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SweetDreams By SweetDreams_8 Updated Mar 30, 2014

Skylar is a demon,angel,vampire,warewolf,witch hybrid. Her parents were murdered by hunters who are after her. She arrives to her aunt mary and her pack the blue moon pack.

Brody is the player soon to be Alpha of the red blood pack the strongest pack in the country.

They never expected to be mates but will they be able to protect everyone they love from death? ©Copyright

But your the man whore in this relationship so I don't get why your talking her 
                              LOOK IN THE MIRROR DUMDASS !!!!
Well then... can I just get some dam fries. And where's the dam restroom?
Alfirineth Alfirineth Nov 08
I feel like it's that awkward moment when you add a slicer if someone else's P.O.V.
TeraRahming TeraRahming Mar 01
I must be a powerful  mix....  Like bruh... I would be afraid if she was my mate.... 🙃
DramioneHub DramioneHub Dec 05, 2016
Did her parents have an orgy or were her parents hybrids? Now thats a thinker🤔
zalful zalful Mar 15, 2016
She just like left her parent to get murdered? 11/10 daughter tho...