Dreams Woven Beautifully [HOLD]

Dreams Woven Beautifully [HOLD]

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SlayerSinceBirth 🔥 By Jemialia9 Updated Sep 16

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Bollywood Gen-Next stars Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt , well you know them!
They both are busy discovering their future and the beauty of their newfound relationship.

You think its easy to have a strong relationship in a chaotic film industry?
Media following your every move.
Friends with benefits.
Family cases.
Personal struggle.
And a whole lot of things can stand as hurdles in their way.

But will they quit this feeling they have nurtured for one another? 
Or they will continue to dream and work towards their goal : togetherness?
Well they are pretty straight forward, come what may, they will fight for their love!

Hop on and witness their dreams, woven beautifully, as they embark on this intricate journey of life, called LOVE!

ps : Sidlia fans are most welcome. Please don't be a grammar & spell nazi, respect the content. Love ^.^

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Chasingdreams1256 Chasingdreams1256 Sep 19, 2016
@mythologicaldiva Omg! Baar baar dekho will be awesome! With Kat and Sid... love them!!!! But Alia and Sid are bae :)
mszaalima mszaalima Jan 31
Awesome prolouge...i am re reading this..coz i left it in between due to no time to read..but now i am reading it again..so maybe some parts i might comment twice😅
fararosales fararosales Apr 19, 2016
Hey true ..... Superb writing yaar .. Do continue , n this gonna b one of my fav !! 💗💗💗
Chasingdreams1256 Chasingdreams1256 May 14, 2016
Omg, I was shipped them from since Student of the Year!! They belong together, and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that :)
adibaadi17 adibaadi17 Apr 28, 2016
Superb 👌hope we will get more interesting 
                              Writing from you in future❤️good luck
remizov_stela remizov_stela Apr 18, 2016
Jemi, girl you gotta keep writing! This is very intriguing ! I so wanna know what is also there! ❤️ big big hug to you