Clapback Comebacks

Clapback Comebacks

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A book of awesome and witty comebacks!


Note: This book contains some mature content and strong language! Please do not read if you get easily offended.

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KoalaCat75 KoalaCat75 May 07, 2017
Ooh, ooh!! I have one!!
                              You call me ugly? Well, you look like a burnt garbanzo bean
*boyfriends the person I want to use this on is basically a slut
h01052007 h01052007 Nov 02, 2017
                              The world has no right to my heart-
Carlieposh Carlieposh 5 days ago
This is honestly awsome but i think i would get in trouble if i did that ahhh
WildArcticWolf WildArcticWolf Oct 09, 2017
I shall do this every day to my older brother from now on I swear!
Horror_Dragon Horror_Dragon Aug 12, 2017
Yes, I am. Don't pressure me for a name of my allergy, you creep!