blood and rain ↠ scott mccall [1]

blood and rain ↠ scott mccall [1]

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autumn brooke 🍁 By mccallmevoid Updated Apr 12

"rain dunbar eats actual people; she freaking eats the hearts of males, do you not understand that? she's probably thinking about sinking her teeth into you right now."
"she can sink her teeth into me anytime she wants."


in which liam dunbar's older sister gets involved with the mccall pack and their drama, falls in love with the alpha werewolf, and discovers that she herself is a rare man-eating ice spirit that is tied to an ancient prophecy. you know, typical teenage stuff.


"you wanted me to be your anchor, scott; you didn't realize that meant i had to drown."

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-KIRACHU -KIRACHU Oct 29, 2017
i don't know whats funnier
                              Dylan No Middle Name O'Brien
                              BAT SWINGING HUMAN
jorahmormonts jorahmormonts Sep 06, 2017
thought it said 'snow man'.
                              though, that story would be pretty interesting
-aliiaannaa- -aliiaannaa- Aug 24, 2017
This maybe random but in the 1st and 2nd seasons of teen wolf some people thought stiles was ugly but when season 3 came around he became 'hot' all of the sudden like he's always been cute
runawaysus runawaysus Aug 22, 2017
Is mark gonna be rain and Liam's dad? Cause don't they already have one on the show
CapriLov3s CapriLov3s Aug 16, 2017
Literally just seeing this! 😂😂💁 my texts are also so on point
Arianna1998th Arianna1998th Dec 20, 2017
Cristina and Meredith!!! By the way I would say that his bat makes him Batman.