The Terran Enclave - Klithian Chronicle 1 #Wattys 2016

The Terran Enclave - Klithian Chronicle 1 #Wattys 2016

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Mad Max By maxd01 Completed

This is the second series based on my Folician Chronicles stories.  There are six books and one stand alone in that series.  If you want to know what is going on you might want to take a look at those stories.

Brice is a mute and needs a job.  He came across a job advert for the Liraque Co. and applied.  He doesn't know what it is all about but has applied for a warehouse position.  When he came in he met Gloria, Storm and others.  What is going to happen?

What is he supposed to do when he finds out some of the company employees are Aliens.  Even worse what is he supposed to do when his younger sister is diagnosed with Leukemia?  On top of that the Aliens are asking him to spend time aboard one of their ships and even consider moving to one of their planets?

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ArthurLes ArthurLes Sep 19, 2017
In the way I suspect folacian don't really have these issues
CjVisser CjVisser Apr 14, 2017
Rereading. As it's been awhile and like bessie1913 said about book 2
bessie1913 bessie1913 Apr 11, 2017
Second time reading this story and still enjoying it. I need a refresher to make the most of book 2.
bessie1913 bessie1913 Apr 11, 2017
Since the children's parents are both human, why are they referred to as pups?
DennisGeschwindt DennisGeschwindt Jan 27, 2016
Great start for the next book and good idea having a new lead character mixed in with side characters from the previous books. Is the Kevin in this the same one from the christmas story?
Winc77 Winc77 Jan 27, 2016
So, this must be some time after the Christmas story.
                              Assuming this is the same Kevin, he seems to be settling in well.
                              Can't wait to get started.... patience... patience... So ready yet...?