Alyssa Cullen

Alyssa Cullen

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Alyssa Cullen, a werewolf/vampire, is definitely one of a kind.
When she ends up running into the Cullens while hunting one day, she joins their crazy family. Alyssa has a unique power that nobody could even imagine. It could beat anyone and anything. She knows that, and so do the Volturi.

***Alyssa Cullen is my character, so keep your greasy paws off of her. She belongs to me (ashcravo). The entire Twilight universe and all characters from the saga belong to Stephanie Meyers. Enjoy :)

[Going through editing/rewriting for the first time in almost three years]

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Bandtrash52616 Bandtrash52616 Sep 25, 2017
The odd part of my name is Alyssa to and spelled the same way.I also never really knew if I were to be a wolf or a vampire if I were in Twilight.Btw the story is amazing so far
Ok so I clicked this story because it has my actual name, Alyssa, spelt the same, my dad's actual name is Brandon, and my mom's actual name is Katherine. That is the only difference
Starayla Starayla Jul 21, 2017
I thought you can put the head back on a vampire. That's why they have to burn the bodies to kill them right?
chaoticstefan chaoticstefan Mar 09, 2017
omg hell I really like your story already! mine sucks and it got deleted by wattpad :( my character's name is Elaine, although she calls herself Elena lol < rlly bad ik
I'm so happy I chose this story. My names Alyssa and you rarely see this name spelt like this . (Which is the spelling of my name)
CidneyJorden15 CidneyJorden15 Sep 11, 2013
I can tell this book is going to be good just by the introduction