Being Chris Brown Daughter

Being Chris Brown Daughter

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Nicole By nhyia_12 Updated Nov 26

Amaya pov.

Hi my name is Amaya Renee Brown but maya for short I am 15 years old my birth day is March 25 I am mixed. I have long curly brown hair and light brown eyes. I live with my dad I never met my mom but anyway. I am 4"11 I know short and yes Chris Brown is my dad my favorite color is blue. I am also the only child.

Dakota pov.

Hey my name is Dakota lanee Stevenson I am 15 year old I full black I have brown eyes. Amaya is my bestfriend and sister I have a older brother name king Stevenson by 2 months I am 5"0 and my dad is Tyga.

King pov.

What up it yo boy King Stevenson and I'm 16 light skin 6"1 I got brown eyes I got a little sister Dakota. I think she told y'all but yea I like Amaya but I will tell y'all a little more in the book and and i play basktball and my dad is Tyga.

Trey pov.

What good it ya boy Trey Alsina.I am 16 the only child I go out with Dakota since middle school light skin 6"0 and I play football quarterback. I have brown eyes oh yea and my dad is August...

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Bro im 12 and taller than her.......only by 2 or 3 inches maybe. Damn my short ass is not getting any taller. 1 more year of middle school by then I should make some progress
nyaluvsyooh nyaluvsyooh Aug 24
How can he be only two months older if you are pregnant for nine months?
myiahboo01 myiahboo01 May 25
And she's not the only child, she has siblings and im the only child of my mom
You said oh yea august my daddy like you forgot nigga he should have been the first topic