✓ Spies and Soldiers[Avengers x Reader x OC]

✓ Spies and Soldiers[Avengers x Reader x OC]

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Jade 💕 By iSunflowerQueen Completed

Nicole Chang and (Y/N) (L/N) are two mercenary/vigilantes known as 'White Widow' and 'Crimson Bride'. They are known to have no mercy and kill anything and anyone in the path of revenge. But, what happens when White Widow is captured by Natasha Romanoff and brought back to SHIELD HQ?White Widow is recruited to join the Avengers; not to be a hero, but to learn how to stop being a 'criminal'. Her own little rehabilitation... Will Nicole and (Y/N) learn to be heroes or will they bury themselves deeper into their own darkness?

* Based on a mix of canon, AU, and crossover universes*

* Everything belongs to their rightful owners; my OC and story line belong to myself; and you belong to you?*

* Ratings of the chapter listed at beginning at chapter; varies from chapter to chapter, but nothing too explicit(only suggestive themes, mild violence, and foul language is as far as I go)*

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Steve: Language!
                              Tony: See? Its not just me! 
                              me:could u 2 shut up for once?
Ok, this is getting confusing for me cause the name I'm using is an oc named Nicole Vipers.
That line sounds familiar oh wait 
                              Batman:  Jason why are you doing this? 
                              Jason: I'm doing everything you won't