The fire that started it all

The fire that started it all

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smolgaysquishbean By 666CutiePie666 Completed

Stiles sees Derek with Scott a lot, he has also hung out with Scott and Derek just happens to be there, but truthfully Stiles never liked it when Derek was there, he was dam scary. 
Stiles never had an interest in Derek, not even a little. Intel one day Derek is practically forced into Stiles life. 

There's a fire, a fire that's starts a confusing romance between, Derek and Stiles. 

There is smut sorta, so if you don't like that then don't read my book. Thanks!

Letting everyone know, new or old. This story took over a year to write- the writing style changes a lot (better it my opinion) through out the story. So please bear with me, it does get better through the chapters haha

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shipsnshit shipsnshit May 13, 2017
This happens to me all the time. My mom wakes me up right when something good is about to happen.
wa_ta_wa1357 wa_ta_wa1357 May 02, 2017
I love how everyone immediately thought, Mr. Crabs! lmfao😂😂😂
wa_ta_wa1357 wa_ta_wa1357 May 02, 2017
What boyfriend? Did I approve of this so called quot on quote "boyfriend"? *makes awkward finger gestures of quotes*
wa_ta_wa1357 wa_ta_wa1357 May 02, 2017
Sit on it? I think if Stiles sat on his computer, he'd break it.
SuperRoseCosplays SuperRoseCosplays Nov 30, 2016
You sit on that computer stiles! SIT ON IT LIKE ITS YOUR BABY BECAUSE IT IS!
Mismusic6702 Mismusic6702 Jan 02, 2017
I don't know why but when I read this I thought it said ' his holy body'