The Demon Inside |Bill Cipher X Reader| [#Wattys 2017]

The Demon Inside |Bill Cipher X Reader| [#Wattys 2017]

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 You just had moved into the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. You love finding mysteries and new friends until you meet a strange fellow who goes by the name Bill Cipher. 

Go on a journey that's once in a lifetime as your heart and your head play tug of war. Will you fall for him and his devious tricks?

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All Gravity Falls Characters Belong to Creator. 
Story belongs to Spotteh-Chan
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Wolfeyyy Wolfeyyy Jul 19
My character is from Norway
                              Gonna have to pretend she got that darn accent
LordeToast LordeToast Jul 09
The first two sentences remind me of Gamzee's typing quirk from Homestuck.
                              HoNk :o)
I'm from dirty jersey, and this story is quite accurate,  I wanna get the fvck outta here. And also, if you visit Williams town, all you directions will be from Geets Diner. "Just make a left at Geets diner and Walmart is right there"
WHoA NIRTH CARAMEL.,North Carolina I should really be sleeping
Too late, you said puppet. Can't go back on fuckups like that, Cipher.
Me, a panicked english fellow, quickly pretends to be from America (fück yeah!).