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The Demon Inside |Bill Cipher X Reader| <In Editing>

The Demon Inside |Bill Cipher X Reader| <In Editing>

14.3K Reads 556 Votes 14 Part Story
_Spotteh_ By Spotteh-chan Completed

[Completed Story]
<In Editing>
 You just had moved into the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. You love finding mysteries and new friends until you meet a strange fellow who goes by the name Bill Cipher. 

Go on a journey that's once in a lifetime as your heart and your head play tug of war. Will you fall for him and his devious tricks?

All Gravity Falls Characters Belong to Creator. 
Story belongs to Spotteh-Chan
[Big Thanks to @wickedyy_witch for the new cover!]

Did he just?....he didn't....fight me Bill! I am not anyones puppet!*frowns*
Run, hide, wake something! might as well play dead or something!😐
Imagine him being like hi how are you *extends hand to shake it*
                              MWAHAHAHA YOURE MY PUPPET NOW ~ 
                              tricky bitch
*inhales deeply. Nostrils flaring* BOI. DAFUQ IS YOUR PROBLEM.
CelesteRay CelesteRay Jan 03
A soap opera. 
                              ~Will Celeste vote on this book?~ 
                              Find out on next weeks episode. The Passion, the romance, the Suspence!
Ah yeah of course I did but where's the fun in playing it safe.