One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All

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One size fits all, they said. 

Small fits skinny.
Medium fits curvy. 
Large fits fat. 

It's a love story that defy's the 21st century girls goal of being skinny.

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hyusuff hyusuff Aug 01, 2017
I think it's cuz all girls have something they are insecure about and so, try to bring other girls down by criticising them and going along with what boys want, just to feel better about themselves. Until this cycle of internal misogyny ends, we have got nowhere to be
LoveUrselfHon LoveUrselfHon Mar 31, 2017
I'm upset that the society that we live in thinks that fat is the worst thing a human can be.
hyusuff hyusuff Aug 01, 2017
Don't know what for, you're turning heads when you walk out the doooor
hacheerida hacheerida Mar 18, 2016
Nobody wants me. It's just like every boy hates me. Even if I never say anything or do anything they judge me.
veloursond veloursond Jan 10, 2017
i know i'm not attractive. i'm just... plain. i'm like the nerd of the school... as a girl going through puberty, insecurities were bound to come around. i read wattpad books because it makes me feel like maybe i have a chance at finding love. probably not, but a girl can dream.
NarryxandxLashton NarryxandxLashton Apr 03, 2016
This seems like a very cool starting 
                              Haha I feel really insecure now cause my size and how it was "defined" in this chapter heh..