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You're a Keeper (Yandere x Reader)

You're a Keeper (Yandere x Reader)

8.4K Reads 237 Votes 4 Part Story
mew. By no_one_notice_senpai Updated Jan 19

Your accepted in a well known academy, so your technically the new girl there. Surprisingly, you became rather popular in the first few weeks, but there was this one boy who acted rather strange. His name is Zenaku Moriguchi. Whenever your walking home you feel followed, whenever a boy does something romantic, they don't show up again. You have your wonders and all about him, but you still treat him like a good friend. Until something happens...

TakumiUsuiIsBae TakumiUsuiIsBae Oct 22, 2016
Lmao, this is what happens when a weeaboo tries to hard. 'zenaku' what does that even mean?
Scruffy10177 Scruffy10177 Dec 26, 2016
I have learning center with a bipolar who hates my guts... math would be an improvement.
My parents are opposites...
                              Dads always the kind hearted,active,brave,smart 
                              Mom is the strict,successful,impatient,brutal,parent...
Math is my actual first period and I hate it because I'm not woken up by then 😪
MollyDonuts MollyDonuts Dec 31, 2016
Definitely me.  I'll definitely be eating a delicious SAVORY donut.  Waaaaaaa ;-;
jaceysmommy jaceysmommy Nov 23, 2016
Don't mess with me I have a knife. Got it (gives an eivil smile)