Vacation Sucks!...Wait, a Hot Lifeguard?

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Alexa Green doesn't want to go on vacation with her family not because she doesn't like water parks or anything but because of what always happens. They all end up arguing and something always goes wrong. Well, the family is on staying at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells for TWO MONTHS in the luxurious Black Bear Condo...
    While her brother is out getting laid and her parents are out in the kiddy pools with her young brother, Alexa is out with Ethan...Did i meantion he's a hot Lifeguard?
    Stay tuned to find out what advantures Alexa will have during those two months and if her parents will find a way to ruin it all or make it the best vacation ever...
I did that today in a waterpark, he has red shorts on as well and I just checked him out from a distance. Why am I so creepy?
Reading this on the way home from South Carolina (8 hours away)
Lol no offense but this girl sounds spoilt lol going on vacation and she's not even thankful and now she's complaining bout her hair...mmmhm ya nasty
The great wolf lodge is good for like 2 mabe 3 days then it gets old
There's a lot of typos, maybe a little editing before publishing? Not being rude, just suggesting. ;)
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