The Arrival ; J.M #Wattys2017

The Arrival ; J.M #Wattys2017

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kayla ✨ By jennerid Updated Jul 15

"She knows of the dangers she could encounter, yet she rebels anyway." 


When 18 year old Rose gets a scholarship from a prestigious academy in Paris, she doesn't think twice about going to follow her dream as a dancer. 

18 year old Jason McCann, her ruthless, criminal boyfriend, knows of rival gang enemies who live in France, and so he refuses for her to go, knowing of harm that could come Rose's way. 

Even with the countless warnings, Rose flees to Paris, leaving Jason heartbroken in the big city of New York. 

After left to suffer for many years, Rose finally returns, but with a immensely dangerous threat close behind her, following her every move. Will Jason be able to save the person he loves most? Or we he get tangled in this huge mess himself? 

A Jason McCann FanFiction 
Written by : jennerid 

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All Rights Reserved

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I am writing it - Kayla

With every breath, that i take, i want you to share that air with meeee
notebizzle notebizzle Jul 22
love is when you feel a sense of happiness and warm feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see the waiter coming to your table with your food
kingbiebz kingbiebz Sep 17
notebizzle notebizzle Jul 22
woah i had to reread this sentence because i'm too slow to understand what these big words mean
bxdassbiebz bxdassbiebz Jun 08
I could already tell that by the end of this story I'll be a cry baby
bxdassbiebz bxdassbiebz Jun 08
I'm crying and this isn't even the first chapter😭You should really become a writer.Like I'm not even joking.I can't write for shít when I was spelling write in this comment I spelt it like this 'righter'😂❤️