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Hearts of Three

Hearts of Three

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apple_foxx By apple_foxx Updated Nov 18, 2016

School was interesting enough already. From dragons, to giant snakes, to escaped prisoners, to almost every end-of-the-year-tests being cancelled, Hogwarts was something else entirely. And now that you have two of the hottest boys wrapped around your finger, school had gotten a lot more interesting. 

Draco x Reader X Harry

******story isn't THAT mature...wattpad is just being a hoe...BUT would recommend you DON'T read this if ur UNDER 14!!!

-This was a one shot turned story...a story of LEMONS that is! ;))

All of you aren't in any 'houses' because Hogwarts doesn't exist.
                              There. You're welcome.
Slytherin colors are green and sliver so it makes sense. Like the golden tro as well
I'd say ツンデレ(tsundere) pretty much sums up how Draco is 😂
                              Why didn't I think of using that word, and especially when my first language is Japanese? 😂
IcyCatGirl IcyCatGirl Mar 09
I always thought of Draco, Blaise, and Pansy as the only because Crabbe and Goyle are stupid
Lexie5133 Lexie5133 Apr 08
Ok. Now Hufflepuffs are blind to the obvious
                              Whispers under breath: what happened with all this discrimination.
What year does this story take place in? Because Umbridge was in year 5 for Harry's scar on his hand and Slughorn was during year 6 when Harry became Quidditch captain and the amortentia potion was introduced, so I'm confused.