Harry x Reader x Draco LEMON

Harry x Reader x Draco LEMON

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apple_foxx By apple_foxx Updated Jun 12, 2017

School was interesting enough already. From dragons, to giant snakes, to escaped prisoners, to almost every end-of-the-year-tests being cancelled, Hogwarts was something else entirely. And now that you have two of the hottest boys wrapped around your finger, school had gotten a lot more interesting. 

Draco x Reader X Harry

******story isn't THAT mature...wattpad is just being a hoe...BUT would recommend you DON'T read this if ur UNDER 14!!!

-This was a one shot turned story...a story of LEMONS that is! ;))

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queen_victoria04 queen_victoria04 Oct 06, 2017
No I'm surprised cause I am in Hufflepuff.....
                              HUFFLEPUFF AND PROUD!!!
Slytherin Pride with a Dragon Patronus. I`m all set to be a `innocent hufflepuff`.
I'm a Gryffindor but my crush is a Hufflepuff and a ravenclaw. My parents are both Sytherin, and my Best friend is a Hufflepuff and Slytherin. XD
Lamishaa Lamishaa Jan 23
Sad I was chosen to be in RavenClaw . at least we have our Cedrick Diggory 🌸❤
I'll be fine for this book since It's Newt's house.....but just for this...
                              S L Y T H E R I N  F T W
What did they mean by "Your laugh was absolute bells to their ears,and how they wished they were the ones to make you life for the rest your life."