The Inception (Book #1 of The Inception Trilogy)

The Inception (Book #1 of The Inception Trilogy)

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When the inevitable World War III broke out, no one expected it to last as long as it did. After two years, a meddling scientist decides he'd had enough of the destruction between and within countries. He sets his mind to a dark place where ruthless, indestructible soldiers are possible, and he makes his fantasy reality.

For the first couple of months, it seems the experiments are acting respectively, and many of the fighting countries' disputes are solved merely because of their intimidating presence. But playing with the laws of nature is a dangerous game, and nearly always ends in defeat. When the experiments steadily grow independent and realize the power they have, controlling them is out of the question.

And now they're running rampant in the streets, lurking around every corner, hiding in every shadow. Humans are untrustworthy of each other, sticking to the rule of every man for themselves, which doesn't at all help the chaotic world they now live in.

Evelyn Baxter believes in having your own back; that is, until she meets one of the experiments not quite like the others.

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-- started: January 31, 2016 --
-- finished: May 17, 2016 --

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longlivemattie longlivemattie Apr 03, 2017
80 tf I'll probably be dead by then, according to the number of fries and chicken nuggets I eat every week
TheStarryNight1889 TheStarryNight1889 Oct 05, 2017
This book deserves wayyy more reads and votes. This is one of my favourites here on Wattpad.
Very good Also thank you for not putting the characters picture thing so people like me like to imgaine what the people look like but I can also picture sci-fi Harry thank you sometimes I get a little irritated that they put the characters pictures I've been a person who did it too
imhavingyourbaby_ imhavingyourbaby_ Jun 12, 2017
All these people saying the age they'll be but knowing my asss i'll probably be dead by then thanks to me eating choices lol
hoodoverheart hoodoverheart Mar 23, 2017
Not liking this Doc McStuffins character much. Seems a bit cray-cray
longlivemattie longlivemattie Apr 03, 2017
I can't believe I found a sci-fi book, that includes Harry Styles, apocalyptic world, super people with special abilities and a cherry on top is that it's already finished and has a sequel. THANK YOU AUTHOR, THANK YOU SO MUCH