The Privileged Legacy: Wanted

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Ella By ella_enchanted Updated 5 years ago
Arya has been labeled 'Perfect' since the day of her mysterious birth. Yet she is not happy and yearns for a life of meaning. Abandoning her Assigning for Wes, a young man she meets in the forest, she discovers her world isn't as Perfect as she'd once thought.
This was so intense to read. The tension was hard to bear. You can be sure of my vote. Though writing that makes no sense since I basically voted before I even read the whole chapter.  I KNEW it was going to be great. 
How you always manage to hook me with just the first chapter Never fails to amaze me :D
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@WriteAbout ill try writing on the winter break just for you and ella =P i actually have a few general ideas already, but nothing detailed yet. don't worry, ill keep u posted =))<3
Omg this is AUSOME!! : D
                                    i so love it, it kinda reminds me of The hunger games, and how she described everything.. your an amazing wriiter
                                    its so interesting and i really want to noe whats going on, so can you pllleaaassseeee UPLOAD SOON!!! XOX :)
i love the smooth flow of the story. pls update soooooooooooooon =D