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A cat's Loyal love (Yandere neko X reader)

A cat's Loyal love (Yandere neko X reader)

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YanderousOtaku By yanderousOtaku Completed

You met Yuuki in the streets a long time ago as he begged you to adopt him. A lonely stray neko boy. You accept and find him very cute at first,  but there's something lurking behind his dark eyes and mischeif smile.
I've found a couple of Yandere Neko X reader stories, and was greatly inspired to create one myself! I love yandere stories!! ^-^ if you do as well, you might like this!
Yandere Neko X reader!

Coming up next:
-Yandere Twins X reader!
Cover creds to @otakuforevz !! Thanks! <3

All rights are mine as these come from personal ideas! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ I own all the characters, but I don't own you! (・ω・)ノ 


 You have been warned, continued reading.


(Partly inspired by Black Butler book of circus)

I've seen sadder stories than this .-. I don't understand how you guys cry from this but then again we all have different minds .3.
Is this supposed to be a crossover of Black Butler and Attack on Titan
KessGina KessGina Apr 30
Why does this remind me of Dagger's death on Black Butler:book of circus?
_JadeStar_ _JadeStar_ 6 days ago
I would have slapped, then go running off, screaming no-less.
Omg my friend has an OC in one of my books and she's a neko. This would be so perfect for her since she is obsessed with them.
I once just tried shoving all my toys under my bed and hoping my mum doesn't find out