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A cat's Loyal love (Yandere neko X reader)

A cat's Loyal love (Yandere neko X reader)

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YanderousOtaku By yanderousOtaku Completed

You met Yuuki in the streets a long time ago as he begged you to adopt him. A lonely stray neko boy. You accept and find him very cute at first,  but there's something lurking behind his dark eyes and mischeif smile.
I've found a couple of Yandere Neko X reader stories, and was greatly inspired to create one myself! I love yandere stories!! ^-^ if you do as well, you might like this!
Yandere Neko X reader!

Coming up next:
-Yandere Twins X reader!
Cover creds to @otakuforevz !! Thanks! <3

All rights are mine as these come from personal ideas! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ I own all the characters, but I don't own you! (・ω・)ノ 


 You have been warned, continued reading.


(Partly inspired by Black Butler book of circus)

EHHHH!?!??! Take baths together?! NO! >o< Even if I known your for 29 years HELL NO!
amytdg amytdg Mar 13
"Take baths with me and we would even sleep and cuddle together" we just meet
Why are people allergic to cats but read Neko stories? o.o Well I guess they still love them.. o.o
there are 3 things i want in life
                              1. A jumbo Sam
                              2.A SHARP knife
                              3.a neko
amytdg amytdg Mar 13
                              I want a neko
                              And if I had a neko I want it to be like 3 inches tall
                              It bed so KAWAII
Starlexia Starlexia 7 days ago
Yuuki:(whispers) I will place tender licks all over you while you sleep my master.........
                              Reader: Sorry!?
                              Yuuki: What? Who said that?