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Shadowhunters Preferences & Imagines|| REQUESTS ARE CLOSED||

Shadowhunters Preferences & Imagines|| REQUESTS ARE CLOSED||

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*PERMANENT HIATUS* By MadzTheGhost Updated Jun 27, 2016

Will write for Jace, Alec, Isabelle, Simon, Magnus, and Clary.
Either send me a message or comment if you have a request.
Requests are CLOSED

MrsMarvelKnight MrsMarvelKnight Dec 01, 2016
For when requests are open
                              Name : Layla Wayland
                              Species : Shadowhunter
                              Plot : Layla and Alec go on a hunt and she almost dies and Alec is really upset with himself
                              Anything : She and Alec are dating , Jace isn't too happy about her dating his parabati .
Ni2018 Ni2018 Jul 01, 2016
Name: Dallas A. Texas
                              Species: Shadowhunter
                              Plot: Where Alec gets jealous because Jace is helping me train, while in his perspective it looks like flirting and other things.
                              Anything Else: Dark Cherry Red Hair, Icy Blue Eyes, Sarcastic & Tough
Name- Sam
                              Species- Shadowhunter
                              Plot- Alec is gay until he meets me Clary's Step Sister after Valentine keeps Sam hidden from Jocelyn and Luke bit they soon find out when Sam walls into this club and gets in to a fight with her ex (Dylan) but she sees Seine and can't get him out of her mind!
matty-blue matty-blue Feb 29, 2016
name; katelyn
                              species; shadowhunter
                              plot; jace and me are hunting a demon and i get hurt
                              anything else; black hair, glasses, and i snort
Kay_Minnie_ Kay_Minnie_ Feb 29, 2016
Name: y/n 
                              Species: shadowhunters 
                              Plot: Alec and y/n are in a relationship but nobody knows and he accidentally calls her baby or sweetheart or something in front of everyone and he has to say that that's what he's calling   People now, like the episode friends called 'the one with all the kissing'
coolpuppy2064 coolpuppy2064 Feb 29, 2016
                              Species: Shadowhunter
                              Plot: Jace and Jay are training. They start fight against each other and then Jace knocks Jay down. He helps her up and the they kiss and then thing get a little steamy 
                              Anything else: Jay has green eyes brown hair