My Español Teacher (Lauren/You)

My Español Teacher (Lauren/You)

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Kay By KarinElias Updated Nov 19

"come on baby don't be scared." She locked the door behind her and pressed her sexy body against mine whilst her emerald green eyes pierced into my soul.

"b-but you're my teacher what if-" I stuttered, getting slightly nervous about what if we get caught.

"nobody will find out" she whispered seductively into my ear while scrutinizing my body.

Ms. Jauregui, Oh Dios Mío.

Sarah_Baee Sarah_Baee Sep 27
Omg😂😂 why Ally I'm deceased😂 dead💀 I'm not okay I laughed way to hard at this 😂😂😭😂
DazStar22 DazStar22 Sep 27
WAIT... hold up... when the heck did this bish grab a hold of my weave 😮
Allysus will save out minds with her holy water 😂😂😂
DazStar22 DazStar22 Sep 27
Oh lawd why... huh? why lawd I done tried my best to be good, I'm sorry for any wrong doin' by me, I promise I will get rid of my porn stash on my computer and stop my day-dream'gasming just please lawd don't let me die from this sexy temptress of a goddess before we even do ANYTHING!!!
Rockshata Rockshata Sep 27
Damn good story. Can't wait  for the next chapter. I mean,  I don't mind getting my panties wet if it because Lauren. 😂
Loved2Read71 Loved2Read71 6 days ago
Mhmm, say that now though...
                              Then later on, you're under her spell..