Ms. Jauregui (Lauren/You) AU *ON HOLD*

Ms. Jauregui (Lauren/You) AU *ON HOLD*

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Kay By KarinElias Updated Dec 20, 2016

"come on baby don't be scared." She locked the door behind her and pressed her sexy body against mine whilst her emerald green eyes pierced into my soul.

"b-but you're my teacher what if-" I stuttered, getting slightly nervous about what if we get caught.

"nobody will find out" she whispered seductively into my ear while scrutinizing my body.

Oh Dios Mío.

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I hate when girls did this like y put makeup on when ur about to sweat
It’s not weird wat ur feeling is the  jauregui affect 😉
If a hot teacher told me to stay after class I would 
                              I would be like hell yea
I never asked my question tht cuz I know when u say it something bad happens 
                              Also cuz I don’t think jst do
* take off my hoops* wat u say bish 
                              Imma bout kick yo ass watch
Oh fck reading 
                              The only thing I read is fan fiction thts about it