Ladybugs And Kitty Chats (A Miraculous Fanfic)

Ladybugs And Kitty Chats (A Miraculous Fanfic)

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Chatte Noire ♡ By marycarmel Updated Jul 11

"No....way...",Chat Noir gasped as he looked down to see that the girl of his dreams, his heroine love, his ladybug was none other than the ordinary girl from his school: Marinette Dupain-Cheng! He had always wanted to know who was behind the mask. He had tried so hard.

Chat Noir had always had a thing for Ladybug. He flirted with her none stop. But one day he realized he loved her, actually loved her. What should he do? Should he tell her? But what of rejection? He was just ordinary old Adrien ... what if she didn't want him?...

[All the ships are involved, one way or another :) ]

(Angsty and cute!) ♡♡♡
*mild language & a bit sour

(A/N) I am joining the internet craze! You know what they say, " If you can't beat em join em. ;) So this is a fanfic based off of the TV show Miraculous: the adventures of ladybug and chat noir. I do not own the characters. And don't hold rights to them however this fanfic is of my design with my ideas do not steal please♡. Thanks, hope y'all enjoy. ~MC

                              Evil me: WOULD YOU JUST STFU
I love dogs and cats. I am allergic to both of them. I would get a golden retriever either way so...🐱🐶💕
Shawnafan Shawnafan Mar 31
I'm gonna say it right now. If someone DOES steal your idea, it means that they admire your work and think that it's amazing enough to copy! 😊
This is a really neat fic! I don't think, in all of my fanfiction reading, I've ever seen a first-person POV chapter. It's nice, i really like it!
Linzizbae Linzizbae Feb 07
Omg, this is so good! I love all of the detail, and how Cat Noir purred at the end! Haha, so cute!!
Wait this reminds me of Mario...OKAY LETS JUST STOMP ON HIS HEAD *Bing*