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A Girl You Can Love| A Gaara Love Story

A Girl You Can Love| A Gaara Love Story

24.9K Reads 807 Votes 25 Part Story
UnderfellSans By Gaara_Lover_Naruto Completed

Amaranth Namikaze is the daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, and has a brother named Naruto. In the academy, there is a boy named Gaara, who has been watching her and she has been watching him. What happens when they become friends and what happens in their future?

CutePandas92 CutePandas92 May 11, 2016
You used that song on your story, sorry but that is the most idiotic song I've ever heare
Gaara_Lover_Naruto Gaara_Lover_Naruto May 16, 2016
That's okay! Everyone has their own opinions. I like the song. You don't. It's fine. Freedom of speech
tri-force66 tri-force66 Jul 20, 2016
go, make urself some friends or ull b lonely, once i was seven years old😂😂😂😂
9304amn 9304amn Feb 20
I feel like that's a reference to a book i've read by James Patterson but I could be wrong.
shizukesa shizukesa Feb 11, 2016
Once I was seven years old........ momma told me to make some friends or I'd be lonely...   .
                              😑 that moment when you don't know the words
blurbyblurb blurbyblurb Jul 04, 2016
                               You need breaks between it check over punctuation and spelling, also try not to add in notes in brackets.