Dirty Harry Imagines (;

Dirty Harry Imagines (;

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ALEXIS By alexis1DAM Updated May 06, 2014

"No you f*cking did not," I laughed into the phone.

"I did," Elena's voice cackled out of the speaker.

"What did she not do?" Harry asked me from the kitchen table, where he had his feet on the surface, drinking something alcoholic.

I held up my pointer finger as I said, "Well, what happened?"

"Listen, I mean, it's like f*cking heaven-"

"It wasn't weird?"

"Well, I mean, yeah. It kinda was because I have a boyfriend... and I'm not lesbian, but Y/N, when she got the f*ck into it, I. Was. Soaked. Seriously, that I know of, I don't think I've ever been that wet for a guy before. And this will not be repeated to Ryan, either."

"Nice," I joked. "Okay, well Harry's over here dying, so I should probably go. But I'll call you later. Bye, love ya!"

"Buh-bye," she giggled and then ended the call.

"Okay, what'd she not do? And I heard, 'I was soaked,' worded very dramatically," Harry urged, "sounds fun."

"You're not gonna like it, though."


"She faked being a legit lesbian so sh...

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