Rock Bottom (Bellamy Blake) book 1

Rock Bottom (Bellamy Blake) book 1

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(Seasons 1, 2)

Lindy Martino is a prisoner in the skybox. She's only a matter of weeks from death when she gets sent down to earth with 100 other delinquents. When on Earth, she meets so many people, but one stands out in particular, Bellamy Blake. On Earth, she faces trials and tribulations as she struggles to survive the mysteries of the ground. She's finally free. But sometimes, freedom can kill you.

"Honestly, this book is so well written and just a work of art, I've read it twice (so far) and the characters are so cool and badass."~ @kamalakhans

"This has to be my favourite fanfic of all time, I've reread this book about 4 times already, as it never gets old and it always makes me cry each time when something sad comes out or laugh when a funny scene comes out. Also, Lindy, who is the main character is badass, like really she is, I admire her a lot."~ @IHeartbreakLover

"This story is super tear jerking in all the right ways, Lindamy is so cute too."~ @bellamysabs

"I absolutely love your fanfic Rock Bottom, Lindy and Bellamy are so good together, the sarcastic comments and the intense chapters really bring the whole book together! AMAZING!"~ @HannahV77

"Rock Bottom is a great story. It keeps the main parts of the 100's story line and also adds a whole other character that is both relatable and unique. OntariKomAzgeda is an amazing author who knows how to get a reader hooked. The moment I read the first chapter, I was amazed and that's what got me to write Let's Riot. She is an inspiration for me and also a great friend."~ @xNightmarex0x

"Rock Bottom is one of my favourite fanfics. I have read many and have many more to read, but I can proudly say that Lindy is one of the strongest female characters I have ever read. I also admire how rock solid her and Bellamy's relationship is, they are the ultimate team. I can't wait for more!"~ @spastic_teenBride

(I do not own any of the plot lines or characters from the 100, only my OC Lindy.)

cover by @Twenty_Nine

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That is so me and honestly the only reason I started my own story... so I can inflict my Cuban music taste because DAMN WE MAKE GOOD MUSIC
YAAAAS then you male bellamy beg for forgiveness when he tells you it was Shumway who gave him the gun! No.... ok
Los-Lovers Los-Lovers Sep 29
I like how we all want it to be pointed out in the show 😂
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