Just A Flick Of My Tail.

Just A Flick Of My Tail.

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Starts with an L By sarsasstic48 Updated Jun 06, 2013

This is a sequel of MP13Girls book Part Of Your World. I really liked the book and The Little Mermaid is just amazing so Yay! Oh and I'm English so my American isn't that great so if I make any mistakes just say (Is there even that must of a difference/) :) Here we go!




"Mom!" I yelled up the stairs. My mothers came out of the bathroom with her red hair dripping wet and a white towel wrapped firmly around her body.

"Yes Madison?" she asked rubbing her hair dry with a smaller towel. I looked down at my thumbs and began to play with them aimlessly. I was going to regret this, I just knew it.

"Rochelle and Julia where going on a boat ride and I was wondering if I could go." I lied. The words dribbling from my mouth as if what I was saying what 100% true, which it wasn't. True we where going to go on a boat ride, but that was only so we could get to the cliffs. My friends and I wanted to practice our cliff diving since we all want...