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Octavius (WATTYS 2016)

Octavius (WATTYS 2016)

8.7M Reads 319K Votes 61 Part Story
NOËLLE By noehen Completed

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| wattpad featured story 8/17/16 |
| winner of a collectors edition WATTY 2016 |

"How many times do I have to say this until you accept it? Those people are mine, those soldiers are mine, you are mine." I freeze. 

"Well," I straighten my spine, tightening my fists," I am not to be owned by anyone, least of all you. And my people aren't either. I will not allow you to do this."

"You won't allow me to?" He scoffs. "And how are you going to stop me?"
"If you do not call off this awful plan, I will reject you, as my mate."

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fox_willow_wolf fox_willow_wolf 2 days ago
Her wolf is wiser than the human part will ever be......such a humorous world out there
Whyyougottaknow Whyyougottaknow 2 days ago
                              February 24,2017
                              Friday, 8:31 pm
                              California, USA
                              My bed 
                              Have a good read guys!!
CaitlanJaques CaitlanJaques a day ago
                              Whatever day it is now... I have no idea
                              Saturday.. I think
                              My sofa bed , yay
AnonymousUmi AnonymousUmi a day ago
"Are you, Are you, coming to the tree? I told you to run".....BUT YOU DONT FRIGGIN LISTEN!
XxMatedAlphaxX XxMatedAlphaxX 15 hours ago
I would of vomited in his face. See how he likes that shît môtherfucker
gogoizzy123 gogoizzy123 a day ago
isn't it supposed to be *are my toes?* i don't wanna correct or be annoying i'm just wondering