The Flow

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Jacob By WACCO4FLACCO Updated 4 years ago
At age 14 Jason's best friend who was also his brother died in a murder in prison. Crushed by the fact that he was gone, Jason's uses that as his drive to start his own law firm. Then, 9 years later the brother Matthew shows up in his office and reveals that he was in the wittness protection program. The two brothers then set out on a mission to find the person that framed Matthew in a crime of identity theft. In this thriller Jason and Matthew encounter a series of people in the way, girlfriends from the past, and future, and death. Can they make out a still as friends or will they be torn apart?
This was awesome! Just a short chapter but it all went well. A short piece but a packed one! exciting. keep it up!
this is great don't  forget to read my books u can make a new chpter page by going to my works
wow this is great it kind of ruins things a little wen i no wats going to happen
I like this!! I cant wait to see what happens next! Upload soon please!
Jacob I loooove this!!!!! Keep on writing and upload chapter 2 soooon!!!!