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Insurrection (Remnants of Men)

Insurrection (Remnants of Men)

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Ugo-Peter By achilles22 Updated Mar 12

Outside the walls of MegacityOne, every breath is a battle to survive one more day. The world is a playground for radioactive sandstorms and scavengers to whom a dead friend is a beautiful thing. Survivors of radiation that have poisoned the world for decades murder each other for food, water, and recreational radiation pills.

Exiled from his home for standing against the massacre of thousands, Seventeen year-old Runner finds himself serving out years of hard labour in the mines of Helium's Bane. But freedom comes again as an offer to serve the city in the Alliance tour, a deadly race across the wasteland to celebrate humanity's victory over a nuclear devastation. 

Within the comforts of the city walls, no one remembers when civilization crumbled. Being one of the few female Rangers, Kara Mason has dedicated her life to hunting down rebels for the authorities. But when she speaks against the forced matching of girls in an annual ceremony, she finds herself betrayed to serve as the front runner for the race across the wasteland.

Tied up with Runner who she resents at first, and set against desperate opponents who will do anything to be liberated, lawless gangs of survivors, and swathes of impassable lands left at the mercy of radiation, she begins to understand that she has been exiled to die by the authorities and to survive, she must forge an uneasy alliance and become the very thing she has hunted.

MsRozG MsRozG Mar 03, 2016
Hmm kinda like his aunt's kids,who he doesn't even think about.
OntarioWilder OntarioWilder Mar 26, 2016
Part of me thinks he should try to swing the bat at her head
- - Feb 26, 2016
Gosh, your description skills are so amazing! I can visualise everything perfectly and your opening line, so good. You are my favorite writer! Would you ever make it so I could buy any of your work in paperback? Just a question:)
Warriors13 Warriors13 Nov 11, 2016
It's been a while since I read this book. The fact that you bring back the old characters is the best
ThatNocturnalOtaku ThatNocturnalOtaku Oct 15, 2016
He just doesn't want her to see where the pads will come from.
MsRozG MsRozG Mar 03, 2016
Wait a minute... He's gonna put 30 year old pads that have gotten sweep after sweep of radioactive storms on her? Okay then....