Dovetail Diaries

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G.S. Banks By gs_banks Completed
Some say brother and sister Leo and Amber are just too close. They say the tragedy that left them alone as children is just too strange, too sad. It seems all Leo and Amber really have is each other. And music. Always the music. 
    That is, until the band they’ve been in for as long as they can remember – The Dovetails – begins to attract attention – and not just from a few friends in their tiny English village. 
    Becoming less and less isolated in the world Amber, aged 17, starts to tread a path she’s never walked before. And so, their lives begin to change but the question remains – can there really be any room for anyone else in their lives apart from each other?
    (story comes complete with original photos taken by Matt Brown especially for this book, model is Erin Greig) 
    *first draft*
    © 2013 G.S. Banks. All rights reserved.
While my policy is wear whatwver is comfy and hope it looks awesome xD
Omg i thougt she was in love with him or the other way, but it makes sence in a way that they are brother an sister
this is amazing bool !!! are you going to do more books?? @ga_banks
Where's the rest of the book? I seem to be only stopping at chapter 2. Is there more?