Rose-Like Love | Ciel x Reader x Alois

Rose-Like Love | Ciel x Reader x Alois

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Ciel x Alois x Reader x Sebastian

Love is like a rose, its beautiful blood-red colour covers its owner, possessing its every being. The smell of the flower invades your nose as you favour the sweet scent. Nothing ever ruins its beauty...


Petals fall..

- - Jul 26
Well...If you want me to make a birthday wish... Can I have 7,099 cats? And 3,476 kittens?
Its funny cuz every time my friends and I see a crow or a raven we start yelling,"SEBBY CHAN!!" at the top of our lungs
Awe!!! I really like sebby's nickname! I will call him birdie for now on!
I was looking at the little kids and said, "OMG! They're so adorable, I hope that their part of my family or my siblings!"
                              Until I remembered that's this is a BB fanfic, and that they're gonna die. ;-;
mermaid45 mermaid45 Jul 14
question can i have the contract on my right eye like pretend that everywhere it says left eye change it to right because i have this picture of me as a demon and it has a flower/eye patch on the right eye so can i do that or no??
In the future when I grow up (in this fan fiction), in my mind I will insert that line from the inbetweeners "you still fancied an 8 year old!"