Rose-Like Love | Ciel x Reader x Alois

Rose-Like Love | Ciel x Reader x Alois

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Ciel x Alois x Reader x Sebastian

Love is like a rose, its beautiful blood-red colour covers its owner, possessing its every being. The smell of the flower invades your nose as you favour the sweet scent. Nothing ever ruins its beauty...


Petals fall..

[i made this a long time ago, beware the cringe]

Hurt me, and I'll cut you to ribbons *shows pre-school scissors *
                              Okay that's kind of awkward if you think about it
It's so weird cuz in my school my teacher and classmates calls me birdie :/
potterm potterm Jul 13
If she's a demon then they'll be stuck together forever because demons can't die from most causes
A faint voice can be heard saying, "Sebastian!!"
                              Sebastian: Oh dang that's Ciel well, Happy Birthday little kitten gotta go. *disappears*
wait what!?!?!?! im a demon too!? i mean im a hybrid that i knew but wha?