DISCONTINUED The New Scythe In Town (Soul X Reader)

DISCONTINUED The New Scythe In Town (Soul X Reader)

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babywolf251 By babywolf251 Updated Nov 15, 2016

It was a normal day in Death City. Or should I say, a not-so-normal day. Today would be your first day at the DWMA after months of begging your mother. Your father has bee a death scythe for as long as your could remember. He hasnt been around much... all you ever heard were stories of how hard it was to be one. But, as a new coming meister, you swore to make a better death scythe then your father.


This is my third x reader! I hope you guys like it!!

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__FAYEA__ __FAYEA__ Aug 10
Heres a thing about mine!Well,I just wanted to do it lol.
                              Hair color:Raven like.
                              Eye color:Crimson red.
                              Hair length:10 inches
                              Skin color:Pale.
I'm 5' D= I'M smaller than u, WHY IS EVEYONE TALLER THAN ME!!!!!
jackelyninfante4 jackelyninfante4 Dec 29, 2016
Trust me if you ever meet me I'll be deep down in the weird side
InsaneAintEasy InsaneAintEasy Nov 12, 2016
Pfffffttttt "Friends." Haha yeah right. Me + friends don't mix.
KenzKash KenzKash Oct 12, 2016
But I'm flat as a board.... probably even flatter than Maka...
gore gore gore gore Gore Gore GORE GORE GOOOOOORE!!!!!!!! *pumps fist in air*