I will always love you

I will always love you

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Bellethiel18 By Bellethiel18 Updated 6 days ago

Ten years have passed since the War of the Ring. The journey of the Fellowship has passed into story. Middle-Earth is at peace.

Legolas has returned home, now called Greenwood the Great. He has been living happily but he has a feeling something is missing. He begins have dreams. He feels they are important to understanding what he has lost but he cannot make sense of them. Then, an elleth appears in Greenwood & Legolas' life is thrown into confusion.

Who is she? Will Legolas find what he has lost? Or is it too late?

I wonder if he knows..... If he does...
                              Thranduil you sneaky sneak sneak
Here comes the general!
                              And his right hand man!!
                              Sry i just had to. I couldn't resist.
Nyx-The-Reaper Nyx-The-Reaper 7 days ago
Well, she fought in the battle of the five armies and whatnot, so I assume he saw her. Also, her brother was a great elven king. Also, he was probably told by like Gandalf or someone.
I want to comment a third time but at the same time I don't wanna b a creep