Amandolo ✅

Amandolo ✅

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Jessica.T Wallis By JessieTWallis Completed

Vanessa Diamond wasn't what anyone wanted, her brash personality and tomboyish ways turned everyone against her, even her family. Knowing she wasn't wanted Vanessa left home, and moved to the bustling city of New York. She had hoped it would be a place where her dreams would finally come true, but its not always that easy. 

Forced to work in a gentlemen's  club she begins to fit in somewhere...perhaps this is where she was meant to be.

But after one 'lucky' night with the Mafia's boss Christiano her life is turned upside down again...

But she's ready for the challenge.



  • boss
  • club
  • female
  • gắng
  • italian
  • mafia
  • mature
  • possession
  • possessive
  • rated18
  • runaway
  • stripper
  • strong
m82048 m82048 Mar 26, 2017
I read this a while ago, and have been looking for it for so long!! So glad I found it today!!!
Thanks to wattpad I know so many Italian words and phrases it's unbelievable 😂
lumpyspaceskank lumpyspaceskank May 29, 2017
it means waffles. It's a very beautiful name...very fitting...
I kinda like her confidence but I'm confused. If she had all this confidence why did it take so long for her to leave??
Wish I could save up my money like her, instead I’ve just blown my months pay on theatre tickets 😂
QueenDiss QueenDiss Jun 28
I expected a translation because usually there is on in the comment section, Buhh all of you were unhelpful. Congratulations...