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Behind the Mask ~A Ladynoir/Adrienette Story~ Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

Behind the Mask ~A Ladynoir/Adrienette Story~ Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

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Onrain By Wolfie_Ookami Updated Aug 25, 2016

Adrien is Chat Noir and he loves Ladybug, while Ladybug is secretly Marinette, the girl who loves Adrien.

A year ago they were only partners, but now, while Marinette's crush for Adrien starts to fall and her love for Chat is growing. She doesn't know who to choose, yet at the same time she does. Chat Noir, however, has been trying to talk to Ladybug about who they are when they aren't their alter egos. Although Ladybug doesn't want to say she accidentally lets a secret out that her and a girl named Marinette are close, as close as can be. 

Chat Noir can't help but visit Marinette when he can, he doesn't know what it is but he just feels safe around her. Like he does with Ladybug. Chat Noir has never seen this side of Marinette before since she's always stuttering around when he talks to her as Adrien, it's kind of cute. Acting just as Ladybug would with him gets him thinking, is Ladybug really that close to her that Marinette is starting to act a little bit like her?

*I do NOT own Miraculous Ladybug*

Hope you guys enjoy!

Time_Till_TheMoon Time_Till_TheMoon Apr 14, 2016
Let us all joking in a big group hug for chat noir in memory of his bad daddy issues and hope that soon ladybug makes out with chat and wakes up with 56 children
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Oct 30, 2016
Me if I was Marinette 
                              "Ummmm No one" *Nervously laughing* hehehe
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Oct 30, 2016
MARI he likes u no matter who what u are but what matters most is that he loves u with or without the mask
AphmauFandomSoldier AphmauFandomSoldier Oct 30, 2016
If I could ask 2 questions my first would be
                              "Did they die"
                              Or "did they reveal to the world and lose them"
Multi_Bunneh Multi_Bunneh Jul 12, 2016
Just let him eat his desugting caminbear (SPELLING) cheese Adrien....
OutgoingAuthor OutgoingAuthor Apr 05, 2016
Yeah Adrien they are really good friends, maybe sometime you could hang out with both of them hahaha waif I forgot they're the same person