Enemies With Benefits (Merome)

Enemies With Benefits (Merome)

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Tyler By BowTyler Updated Oct 18

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer~ 

This is a Merome fanfiction people. It's just one for me to do on the side, so don't expect many updates very often 

WARNING: There will be smut in this fanfic. And some parts may also be triggering. Read at your own risk.

Omg Mitch i love your attitude, just dont use it on any of your or Jerome~❤️
- - Jun 15
uhh, TF? I'm just very confused why they all had sex with each other... Hmfghxfgjsrtuxrtixrtixrtextueztidffhdf is logic I guess
I cant read it now... but im going to anyways... my mom would flip if she heard I was reading depression based stories...
Wtf that is the weirdest thought Mitch has had in any story ive read 😂😂😂
HeyItsSophy HeyItsSophy Jan 26
I'm actually kinda glad that this idea is going to be extended to an actual book and not just a one shot tho, totally looking forward to it :3
HeyItsSophy HeyItsSophy Jan 26
I was scared you didn't quote me and that I would get bashed on when I posted my one shot xD