Harry Potter Zodiacs

Harry Potter Zodiacs

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welcome to the harry potter zodiacs!

discover your house, soulmate, patronus, animagus etc. through your zodiac sign.

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note: the results may vary from your pottermore results as they're based on basic zodiac personalities and most of them are from tumblr.

NatalieLopez681 NatalieLopez681 a day ago
It wrong my Pottermore house is Gryffindor not Slytherin and my sister is Slytherin not Ravenclaw
beefchow beefchow 6 days ago
I got gryffindor (my least favorite house in here) My true house pottermore and beyond is HUFFLEPUFF!!
Starblossom16 Starblossom16 4 days ago
Pottermore account 1: Gryffindor
                              Pottermore account 2: HufflePuff
                              This: Ravenclaw
                              Buzzfeed quiz: Slytherin
No. No. NO! Imma Slytherin... J.K. ROWLING SAID I WAS A SNAKE
FufuBerry FufuBerry 4 days ago
It says I'm a hufflepuff but I'm nothing like any hufflepuff in Harry Potter and the descriptions of hufflepuffs :/
Starblossom16 Starblossom16 4 days ago
Wow! A Scorpio in ravenclaw.. man I don't fit in here, I got in hufflepuff