Harry Potter Zodiacs

Harry Potter Zodiacs

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welcome to the harry potter zodiacs!

discover your house, soulmate, patronus, animagus etc. through your zodiac sign.

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note: the results may vary from your pottermore results as they're based on basic zodiac personalities and most of them are from tumblr.

yep my pottermore house is griffindor and here I got it too lmao
fleurlilymalfoy fleurlilymalfoy 7 days ago
Everyone thinks Aquarius are ravenclaw. I'm a gryffindor!!! Though, like hermione, the hat almost put me in ravenclaw.
LifeAsARavenclaw LifeAsARavenclaw 3 days ago
Mine isn't. For my Pottermore test I got Ravenclaw not Hufflepuff