A Universal Tale (Undertale x Steven Universe Crossover)

A Universal Tale (Undertale x Steven Universe Crossover)

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Kuga By Aura_Blaze Updated Aug 30, 2016

Frisk smiled as they sat on the ledge, looking out across the land. After all those years, they could finally be at peace. Monsters would be living with humans again, and they would make sure that no war broke out like last time.

Except Frisk still needs to find a city to introduce monsters to humans again. Who else to bring along on this quest than the demon Chara and the flower Flowey? It's a long and bumpy road ahead, but Frisk is DETERMINED to get the mission done.

Problem is they find Beach City and the Gems won't stop accusing them of working for these HomeWorld Gems.

Well, thats why Chara and Flowey were brought along, huh.

(UnderTale Centric. Frisk and Chara and gender-neutral. Post-Pacifist Ending. Takes place before The Return. Cover art doesn't belong to me. Cross-posted on fanfiction.net)

PhilthePhil PhilthePhil Aug 12, 2017
Right here, you put 'she'. In the description and in the previous parts of the story, you've made Frisk and Chara gender-neutral. If you'd fix that, it'd be much appreciated.
Button_Berry Button_Berry Oct 20, 2017
I hate that mode...
                              JFK ((Just F***ing Finding))
mattubub mattubub Mar 20, 2017
Huh... I don't see a giant statue of a rose quartz anywhere on this CLIFF OF LITERAL SIGHT SEEING OR HIEGHT CLIFF TO LOOK oh and by the way  wtf, why didn't you already give a part of your soul BEFORE the PACIFIST ending...no offense to anyone but this WAS kinda rude comment
Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze Oct 25, 2017
I thought he was a buttercup (Silently getting ready to annoy Flower the Flowey)
Fanofallthingscool Fanofallthingscool Jan 16, 2017
Chocolate? Did you just say chocolate? CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! (Frisk runs away while Chara mows him down)
NaryTheWeirdo NaryTheWeirdo Aug 18, 2016
Ugh...Chara, plz I love you but u friggin creepy my bby future waifu Chan.