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Nobody But You

Nobody But You

397K Reads 27.4K Votes 30 Part Story
💋 By KaylaAngel Completed

To Adriana, her last year in college couldn't get any better - she was in the top of her class, her school radio show was ranked the college's most listened student-ran show, and she was already getting offers for jobs. Her life was stress-free, especially since she had one thing NOT to worry about - a boyfriend. 

Unlike most girls, Adriana never expressed feelings for wanting a boyfriend. She actually never planned to date. And after a few bad experiences, she knew why. To her, guys were just immature and never knew what they wanted until the one they felt they needed was already gone, and she didn't have time for the drama. 

But, after one great moment with Samuel Davis, University of Southern California's hottest male student, and their star basketball player, she thinks she may have a change of heart. What will happen after these two have a few interactions? Will Adri give LOVE a chance, or will she remain the same? 

Copyright © 2016 by Kayla Angel

KylaBoo101 KylaBoo101 Feb 02
I do this all the time lol someone will tap me and motion for me to take out my headphones and I'm just like "I'm not listening to anything."🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂 I don't know it's just comfortable
tee245 tee245 Dec 30, 2016
Just Started Reading This Book & I Like It Already . Good Job .
SatinRivers SatinRivers Feb 05
Literally me when I was choosing and of course I chose to stay home for enough away but still close.
MTainelli MTainelli Jan 18
Lmao I said this all the time and would use my best guy friends name 😂
Matineeee Matineeee Jan 05
Whaaaat I be doing that but ppl still find a way to talk to me 😐
_bannedfromTV _bannedfromTV Nov 26, 2016
yes girl ❤️ this is how it's always been for me , always will be