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Falling For The Enemy

Falling For The Enemy

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E! 🐘 By bocasmaries Completed

Selena is the preacher's kid. Good girl, excels in school, obeys all rules, and is very friendly to everyone, well except one person: Justin. Selena is happy summer break is here, and Selena is all excited because 1.) No School 2.) Means spending more time with her bff Krista and 3.) NO JUSTIN BIEBER 

Justin is the total opposite. Bad boy, straight D student, player and never obeys any rules. Justin is stoke summer is here because 1.) No School 2.) He can do whatever the hell he wants and 3.) NO SELENA GOMEZ.

Well they thought they was gonna get 2 months apart, until Justin's parents decide to go on a summer vacay without Justin. They don't trust Justin to be at the house by him self and they don't wanna send him to Canada with his grandparents. So the solution? Send him off to family friends of theirs. Which so happens to be the Gomez family. 

"There is noooooooooo way I'm living under the same roof with that criminal JUSTIN BIEBER!"

"I rather live in the garbage than be stuck under the same roof with SELENA GOMEZ!"

candyishealthy04 candyishealthy04 Dec 31, 2016
ohh..not for long hun...Muhhahhhah.....
                              Excuse my evil laugh..
LeslieNorman1 LeslieNorman1 May 25, 2016
So dirty & horny the last part.  
                              Really having sex in  the backseat of the car 😂😂😂😂 it's hilarious. ....
My cousins 6 years ago when I was peacefully sleeping and they woke me up at 11 AM by jumping on me .-.
bayleigh321 bayleigh321 Jun 09, 2016
OMG NOO THIS 😂 is so awkward and uncomfortable. Jasmine's supposed to be his little imean little sister Ik this is a fanfiction but still 😂