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Not Alone (HTTYD Toothless x Night Fury!Reader)

Not Alone (HTTYD Toothless x Night Fury!Reader)

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cavenna - hiatus By cavennaonyx Updated a day ago

- on hiatus -

(Y/N) was always a restless soul, flying to and from different islands. Her family had scattered when a large group of Vikings intruded, leaving her behind. She had never seen another Night Fury, apart from her very faint memory of her parents, causing her to not know what they looked like, apart from herself, of course. That is, until in the midst of a blizzard, a Night Fury landed in her cave, a rider perched upon his back. This was a very specific 'he' that (Y/N) had heard about briefly from the occasional pod of gossiping golphins or chattering Terrible Terrors - word traveled fast throughout Dragons. It just-so-happened that this male Night Fury happened to be the Alpha Male of Dragons.
Though, of course, (Y/N) forgot this small fact. Multiple times. Bad move on her part.


Hello~! (^o^)/

Just to pop a notice in - your dragon is an, well, 'OC' that I 'created'. I asked a user on a social network to draw her originally but the design is my own. In this book, all the Night Furies will have a different pattern, not just black. That is why, my dear Reader-chan, you have a different pattern. I'll explain more in the book. Also it's written mostly in -=READER-CHAN'S POV=- which is yours or -=NORMAL POV=- which is 3rd person.

Astrid: Dream-chan. 

Me: What?

Astrid: Disclaimer.

Me: Fine. I do not, will not, and have never ever ever owned HTTYD. *mumbles* Sadly.

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Alexander name is Alexander Hamilton.And there's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait… Just you wait!
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