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Make Me a Match (Noble Matchmaking Series #2)

Make Me a Match (Noble Matchmaking Series #2)

76.8K Reads 2.4K Votes 5 Part Story
Lindsay Aarons By LindsayAarons Completed

Underemployed Julia Cruz longs to have a real career, but her options at the Noble Matchmaking Agency are limited by her lack of experience. So when the ambitious receptionist is finally given the opportunity to play matchmaker, she's dismayed to discover how attracted she is to her first potential client, sweet and gentle Whit Fletcher. Will Julia finally have the career she's been longing for, or will she choose to follow her heart?

Updates for this short story will be posted every Wednesday for 4 weeks. Check out my Pinterest visual board for this story here:

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Praise for "Make Me a Match (Noble Matchmaking Series #1)", a featured Wattpad romance:

 - "Love this!! It's fun, reads well and I like the characters." @JenniferAnnLewis

 - "This is a really interesting and addictive book. I'm loving it." @TresseFruit

 - "Wow! This is an excellently written story! Loved it from start to finish." @thelphred

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ferial62 ferial62 Jun 29, 2016
Hi Lindsay, I was wondering how do u get all of those followers?
EMSkeelsCaldwell EMSkeelsCaldwell Aug 17, 2016
I think you could find a better way to word this sentence :)
cookie_and_cream2001 cookie_and_cream2001 Feb 19, 2016
this is the first time i have ever read a series in which the two main girls don't exactly get along ...
                              i must say that was a great idea
                              i think it takes a lot to insult or hold one of your own characters in bad light 
                              it'd refreshing to see someone criticize their own characters  :D
Roxyfoxy18 Roxyfoxy18 Jun 27, 2016
Awww I have a dimple in my left other simple doesn't show as much
EMSkeelsCaldwell EMSkeelsCaldwell Aug 17, 2016
Really loved this chapter! You're MC is so likeable and your narration is really enjoyable to read. I pointed out a few areas that I would change (I hope you don't mind and obviously you don't have to).
concreteroads concreteroads Mar 28, 2016
aw, Whit! I'm excited to see his awkwardly adorable accountant-self find love.
                              Also this is making me hope Savannah and Veronica get stories too!