Don't mess with her

Don't mess with her

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Emily's life is average. Typical nerdy girl who had a handful of friends. That due to not two, nor three, but four older brothers who would just scare any type of male who approached her. So what happens when a new mysterious bad boy arrives to her school and sees her brothers as a challenge?

Emily's senior year will definitely be one to remember...

**This is full of mistakes. I wrote this for fun and never proofread it. I never expected to be this recognized. Read at your own risk.  ;) **

[Highest rank: #2 in Teen Fiction 6/23/15]

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I has 6 annoying cousins that get on my freaking nerves did I mention that there all boys and we live under one freaking roof😑😑
Shady_Savage445 Shady_Savage445 4 days ago
I only have 1 older brother and that's already enough for me! But I wouldn't really mind if I had more
auTC2005 auTC2005 2 days ago
Like hey you kid think fast 
                              *Throws a door to him * 
                              Oops you didn't think fast byee
xoxocutie_love xoxocutie_love 4 days ago
i have a older sister and a brother 1 year younger than me. ITS HEELLLLLLLL MMMMANNNNNN. i mean that little oompa looompa has nothing else to do with his life than bother me....
auTC2005 auTC2005 2 days ago
I always just something random and throw it to some kid idek
auTC2005 auTC2005 2 days ago
My twin does that to me with my brother 
                              I'm just like , just because I'm a girl you cont do that shitt