Stronger (Yoonseok)

Stronger (Yoonseok)

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PrincessAlly123 By PrincessAlly123 Updated Aug 21

Jung Hoseok seemed like a perfect picture for everyone- his looks, attitude, intellingence, talents and even better- wealth. But the picture isn't always the truth when he's pressured by his own parents because he was the freaking heir of Jung Co., the bigshot multi-purpose company which was one of the best in Korea. 

Until he met Min Yoongi, the rebellious new student who had to repeat a year because of his own problems. Yoongi hated talking to people, especially after what happened to him which caused him scars and dark histories. 

Both has problems. Both has dark stories. But they had one thing in common; fists, willpower- and attraction.

crankyjoon crankyjoon Sep 03
Yeah that's what you're gonna do...Jung Hoseok not the teacher nor principal
Imneverready Imneverready 6 days ago
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