My Possessive Alpha Mate

My Possessive Alpha Mate

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I was walking down the hall when I smelled the Most wonderful intoxicating smell ...The smell was Mangos and pine cones and wet grass.Then i bumped on a hard chest and looked up and was meet with the most beautiful Hazel Eyes I ever seen ....Next thing i heard Was "MATE" .....I was shocked because It was the-soon-to-be-Alpha Caden Rodriquez .....My wolf (crystal) was jumping in my mind and Saying 'MATE,MATE, MATE" .....Then Next thing i now i fainted 

Paulina Elizabeth Hernandez is a alpha's daughter From the Dark Moon Pack she dreamed for her mate since her mother told her about mates at the age of 10 

Caden Alexander Rodriquez Alpha of the Sliver Star Pack the Number #1 pack in America ....He is starting to lose hope in finding his mate when he travels the world in search for her  little did he 
now that the pack Dark Moon was going to be moving next door to him 
He is very Possessive,Cocky and Cute 
Will Paulina Accept Caden ?? WIll She be able to Corporate with Caden's Possessiveness over her??

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