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Antisepticeye X Jacksepticeye X Reader

Antisepticeye X Jacksepticeye X Reader

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Septiplier Away By MykaylaTowell Updated May 05

Today started off as normal i woke up and went to school and usally when I get home I get on Youtube and Jack and Mark have videos uploaded for me to watch, but today they didn't. So I went to tumbler and they haven't been active all day. Later that day I was doing homework and a noitavication( sorry if I spelt that wrong) popped up. I checked it and saw that Jack uploaded a video.  ~ Finnally ~ I thought. I went to Youtube and saw the video didn't have a thumbnail or a title, but being the idiot I am I clicked on it and what I saw was not Jack but someone else. A look- a - like, he had one green eye and one black eye.
    "You look frightened (Y/N)." He said in a high pitched voice. (Even higher than Jacks I know how is that possible, but back to the story.) 
    "H-how do you know m-my n-nAME!" I kinda half shouted half sheriked.
    "I wouldn't sherik so loud or your family might hear you" He smirked at me.
    "W-who are you, and where is Jack" I growled out almost wanting to punch him who ever he is.
     "Oh that Irish doofus he's ok princess. As for who am I don't you reconize me you read a lot of fan fiction about me." He smirked at me again.
      Then it suddenly hit me as who this was, but it couldn't be he's not real. " A-are you A-Anti" choking out that last part.
       He just smirked and said "Yep princess that't me."
       "Don't call me princess!" I punched the screen not even knowing what I was doing but instead of the screen breaking my hand went right through it. I was going to pull my hand out quickly, but Anti grabbed my arm.
        "Perfect I thought I would have to come and get you I geuss not." With that he pulled me through the screen then everything went black.

(A/N) Hey everybody I just wanted to say that this is my first story so please don't be mad at me and I left you off at a chlifhanger because I am mean like that and i will try to upload stories everyday if not every few days. Ok but I will see you in the next story Buh bye :P

CakeMiller CakeMiller Jun 03
My gosh im getting triggered! I would care if I got hurt as long as jack is ok im ok! Anti! Imma wipe that friken smile off that face and hurt you if its the last thing I do!!
If my wifue's ever found the fanfiction I read about them.........Oh, gawd it would not go well....
MykaylaTowell MykaylaTowell Nov 15, 2016
Lol omfg welcome to my world every single guy that hits on me calls me princess lol
- - May 04, 2016
But dat any possible ANTI U BROKE LAWS OF LOGIC wait this book is a dream an arm can't go through a computer most be a  dream *hyperventaltes then chokes and dies*
inkybae inkybae Feb 08
So cool I'm fangirling so much right now fjejshfjdndhffhdjdhfhsjdjfjdhhdhfhdhhfhdhdhgfejjrucueifjwjdjhhdudifufufufuufugufyurueiiejdugj
MykaylaTowell MykaylaTowell Feb 06, 2016
Hey Guys this is the author please don't be scared to comment and If you have a question don't worry I don't bite most of the time