Daddies Little Princess // 1D // On Hold

Daddies Little Princess // 1D // On Hold

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Kinky Savage By DenialDaddy Updated Nov 29, 2016

" W-who are you " I shakily ask just above a whisper.
" We " the man with curly hair,  green eyes and a deep English accent says pointing to the other three men in the room.
" Are your Daddies " another man with a thick Irish accent finishes off the curly haired mans sentence.
" And this, is your new home ".

This is an Ageplay book, please take note of that before reading.

This book will contain 
- daddies ( plural ;) )
- ddgl 
- Abdl 
- spankings 
and anything else you would expect in a Daddies book
Read, vote, share and comment - rude comments are not appreciated :)

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lukewishes lukewishes Jan 11
Ok honestly I just started reading and I already wanna flip my sh*t, like why just why the FU*K would you cut a girls hair without her permission? Like no, that's just something you don't do
I love how none of us care that they kidnaped her we’re just pissed they cut her hair 😂
xUnspokenDilemnax xUnspokenDilemnax Jul 19, 2017
Hell to the no.  You never cut a girl's hair without her permission.
xUnspokenDilemnax xUnspokenDilemnax Jul 19, 2017
When I saw take her to heaven I thought that they were planning on killing her.
_Purplegirl_fnaf_ _Purplegirl_fnaf_ Jul 12, 2017
I love ya'll and all but I'd fight the shït outta you if you cut my hair
petite98 petite98 Mar 26
What they cut her hair?  
                              I didn't know that,  that's horrible....