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jasperhasanxiety By SenpaiMatthiasChan Completed

A book dedicated to pure smut-shots of septiplier but ended up getting a lot of personal stuff in it. Also I think there was a fluff-shot in there somewhere idk. Feel free to skip the chapters that aren't smut. I think some might be random chapters but I do know (because I am the author) that THERE IS SMUT IN THE BOOK YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND IT. 

Anywho have fun!!

And this is not the original description, it used to just say mostly the word smut and a warning about nosebleeds. So if you forgot what book this is and came to the description to find out, this is Senpaimatthiaschan's book of septiplier smut.

spirledlove spirledlove Jun 15
The new "the fault it our stars" now brand new "the fault of our writers"
                              THAT WAS QUICK 
                              IN A FLASH 
                              am sorry I've been reading too many dc
IzziDreme IzziDreme May 18
Mark: *naked on bed* Hey, Jack... You wanna have a bad time?
Sounds like me when im not paying attention and someones asks me a question
But like what if he was actually a really quit person in bed
Louder than in his videos? Is that possible? The whole world could hear him!