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Folie á fuck you By SenpaiMatthiasChan Completed

A book dedicated to pure smut-shots of septiplier but ended up getting a lot of personal stuff in it. Also I think there was a fluff-shot in there somewhere idk. Feel free to skip the chapters that aren't smut. I think some might be random chapters but I do know (because I am the author) that THERE IS SMUT IN THE BOOK YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND IT. 

Anywho have fun!!

And this is not the original description, it used to just say mostly the word smut and a warning about nosebleeds. So if you forgot what book this is and came to the description to find out, this is Senpaimatthiaschan's book of septiplier smut.

HumanatiesCutest HumanatiesCutest Dec 30, 2016
*Throws table across room* okay, now that this table is out if the way, let's fûck!
°-° oh wow.. first were off to Burritos then next line about Porn... I love this story already..
This reminds me of this one time my mom was counting money and I smiled and was like,  
                              "Is that for me?"
                              And she said,  
                              "Yeah sure." And handed me four dollars.  Like.  Mmk.  Joking but thx
SugarySky SugarySky Jan 30
I swear SenpaiMattiasChan is the best author (right alongside Logipoo) Authorchan has more sass though & it's great
Why did this remind me of a line from International Relations? XD
And to think, this all started with Mark wondering where his burrito was and Jack randomly talking about porn