Being Suga's Long Lost Sister And Jungkook's Lover [BTS FanFiction]

Being Suga's Long Lost Sister And Jungkook's Lover [BTS FanFiction]

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Vkook's Daughter By WhalienInDisguise Updated Apr 30, 2017

Min Yoreum, also known as, Jeon Mari, has been living in Daegu for her whole life, went to the city life of Seoul, only finding out that Suga( Also known as Min YoonGi ) is her long lost brother. 

Living with BangTan ain't all that bad but when problems comes, it comes hard. Being asked for a huge favor to become someone's lover, overcome a member's raging girlfriend, and of course, the media.

But with all this, will she ever fall in love and overcome these crisis or face these crisis alone?
We may never know what will happen when you become Suga's Long Lost Sister and Jungkook's Lover.

Started: March 31st
Ended: -


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_thirsTAE_ _thirsTAE_ Aug 30, 2017
Oh shieetttt I read this but forgot but remember I pm you before lol I feel like I'm going to say something then about type it then see I already wrote it
TianaCatt TianaCatt Dec 27, 2017
No don't call him a horse T_T. He is handsome and his sister is so beautiful
g0t_bangtan g0t_bangtan Aug 29, 2017
Hahahaha that's our boy! 
                              Hobi is my only hope in school😂😂😂
noodlejoon noodlejoon May 17, 2017
If a lot of people would tell me I look like a celebrity I'd totally google them just to see if it's true tbh
bangtan_1004 bangtan_1004 May 11, 2017
Me too,I like to think that Suga is my brother and Jungkook is my lover
I_Luvs_Suga I_Luvs_Suga Aug 04, 2017
I like to think the opposite which means jungkook as my brother and Suga as my lover