Best Completed Stories on Wattpad

Best Completed Stories on Wattpad

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Jay By alrightyeah Completed

Is the struggle to find a quality book so hard that you feeling like melting your computer in annoyance?

Lucky enough, I know that struggle and have therefore created a list of brilliant books that everyone should totally read.

If you think a book should be on here, just message me or put it in the comment's and i'll check it out :)

It will go: Title, Author, Genre, Description and then my personal score.

What about she's with me like one of the best books you can read
KinsleyMauch6 KinsleyMauch6 Oct 24, 2016
The cellar should be added to this list. It's so good it was made into an actual book.
DarlaPolyanna DarlaPolyanna Dec 17, 2016
                              But a little slow in developing the plot.
                              But I love it
nepturanus nepturanus Nov 04, 2016
How about, "The Good Girl's Bad Boys"?
                              THE BEST BOOK I ON WATTPAD SO FAR!
                              Also part of the #NoMoreBullying campaign
Fangirl_Mimi Fangirl_Mimi Nov 11, 2016
Storm and Silence by Rob Thier (Sir Rob). It's absolutely amazing.
jenibabii jenibabii Jul 29, 2016
I followed your advice and read this book! And God!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it was fantastic!!! And incredibly addictive!!! Thanks! 😘